How to Make Your First $100 Online


This post will teach you the exact steps on how to make your first $100 online using the exact same method i did. You will not need any experience in coding or will you need to pay for advertisements to make your money online. This method will also guarantee that …

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Translating your Apps: App Localization

App Localization

Translating your Apps: App Localization Most developers would publish there apps with only an English description but what about those people who don’t speak English? How do they know what your app is about? Why would they download an app if they don’t know what it does for them? This …

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QuickAppNinja A new and FREE online builder has emerged with the ability to make popular android games such as 4 Pics 1 Word, Guess the Picture and Guess the Hidden Picture.  The system is easy to use with a drag and drop setup that any beginner or professional can use, …

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App Store Optimization (ASO) for Google Play


App Store Optimization (ASO) for Google Play Besides the quality of your app App Store Optimization or its short form ASO is one of the most important factors to a successful app. Without good ASO your app may never be found in the app store searches which would be an …

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Using Fiverr for App Development or Marketing


Using Fiverr for App Development or Marketing If you don’t’ know or haven’t used the site then basically it is a site which offers a range of services starting at $5 and they are called gigs. These gigs could be anything from marketing to logos to sounds to articles …

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AppsMoment Application Builder


The AppsMoment Application Builder If you want to make an app with no coding experience than using the AppsMoment Application Building platform is an ideal way to get your app portfolio started. Using the Apps Moment Application Builder you can create various types of apps without any coding experience at …

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Getting an App Developed through Fiverr


Getting an App Developed through Fiverr Can you get a profitable App developed through So I decided to give myself a little mission to see if I could get an Android app developed through Fiverr on the cheap. Of course I was not expecting too much, other than a …

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